The Auto Hail Repair Process

Follow These Steps If You Have Hail Damage

  1. FILE A HAIL DAMAGE CLAIM: The first step to take in the College Station auto hail repair process is to immediately file a claim with your insurance company. Even if you don’t think your vehicle was damaged by hail, you should still get it inspected. If you don’t have a trained eye for locating hail damage or the proper lighting, some damage is hard to detect with the naked eye. After you file the claim, you will be appointed an adjuster that will come to your location and inspect your vehicle. After the adjuster documents all of the hail damage, they will either send you a copy of the estimate by mail or email.
  2. SCHEDULE AN ESTIMATE: Next, schedule your free inspection with Master Hail Repair. This might seem redundant but as we mentioned in step 1, unless you have the proper equipment, hail damage can be hard to detect. If we discover additional hail damage, we will report our findings to your insurance company and get the funds necessary to repair all of the damage. Master Hail Repair can inspect your car, truck or SUV at your home, or wherever you might find yourself.  If you prefer, you can also stop by our shop. 30 minutes is usually all the time we need. Schedule online or call us at 1-833-IDO-HAIL.
  3. SCHEDULE REPAIR: After we inspect your vehicle and compare it to the estimate provided by your insurance adjuster, we will determine if a supplement is needed to repair all of the damage.
  4. PRE-PAINTLESS DENT REPAIR APPOINTMENT: Before your vehicle comes in for repairs, we will make sure you have everything you need while your vehicle is in our shop. First, we will make sure you get into a rental. Some insurance policies will cover your rental and some do not. If your policy doesn’t cover a rental, we will take care of it. Next, you can drop your vehicle off at our shop. We will have your rental ready for you or we will take you to pick it up. At your inspection, we will give you an estimate on the amount of time it will take to complete the repairs.
  5. PAINTLESS DENT REPAIR: Most auto hail repairs take anywhere between 2-7 days. If we determine that your repairs will take longer than expected, we will let you know.
  6. POST-PAINTLESS DENT REPAIR (PDR) REPAIRS: After all of the hail damage has been removed, we will wash it and then schedule a time for you to pick it up. We will go over the repairs with you and make sure you are 100% satisfied with our work. All auto hail repairs come with a Lifetime Warranty.