Omaha Hail Season Preparations

Save Thousands in Auto Hail Damage Repair Costs

Start Preparing Now

As the 2018 hail season starts in Omaha, NE – Master Hail Repair is beginning their preparations for what is looking to be a very active stormy season for the Midwest. In this article, we will go over what you should prepare for and BE prepared for as we look into the next couple of months.

  1. Hail Season in Omaha, NE – Just like in most states and cities in Hail Alley (or Tornado Alley), hail season can start as early as February and typically ends in July. We say this with a very large grain of salt because we all know that Mother Nature does as she pleases and doesn’t like to always follow the rules we put before her.
  2. Be Prepared – Hail can happen at any time – day or night although we do see most hail storms during the day. If it is “hail season,” we always like to suggest that you should always expect hail when it storms.  This way, you are always prepared.
  3. Clean the Garage – If you have a garage, make sure that you plan for a good spring cleaning. Like most of us, garages can become a ‘catch-all.’ Now is a great time to de-clutter the garage and make sure there is space to pull in your vehicles if hail is likely. If you do not have a garage, do some research in your neighborhood for covered parking. Shopping malls, car washes, a neighbors garage, etc. are all good options.
  4. Are You Covered? – Upgrading to a comprehensive insurance plan is always a great idea if you live in Omaha, NE or anywhere in the Midwest. With comprehensive coverage, auto hail damage and roof damage is 100% covered and will NOT raise your rates if you make a claim for hail damage.
  5. Talk to Your Teens – If you have a teenage driver in your house, they probably will have no idea what to do if it starts hailing. More than likely, their first instinct will be to panic. This is the exact opposite reaction you will want them to have. make sure you give them a game plan to follow if they get caught driving in a hail storm.